The seven members of BTS share close ties with one another. They all treat each other like brothers and family members.

But, for Jimin, it is a bit different, considering that he sees them all in a unique manner. Koreaboo said that the "Filter" singer has a relationship with each of the K-Pop idols, resembling the dynamic of a real-life family.

He, reportedly, sees and treats their leader, RM like an "uncle." Apart from his leadership skills, he, also, jokes around with the rest of the group, making him like an uncle to Jimin.

The publication continued that Jimin likens Suga to a grandmother of a family. As explained, the BTS rapper has a mature personality, adding that everyone "respects" him. Moreover, he, reportedly, likes to have his own space for a peaceful and quiet moment.

Next on the list is J-Hope, whom the "promise" singer treats and sees as an older brother. Aside from their closeness, they always get each other's jokes as they "constantly" goof around.

For his older sister, the role goes to Jin. While it is said that his "nagging" makes him like a sister to every member of the group, he takes care of them very "well" as any unnie does for her younger siblings.

Meanwhile, Jimin has much closer relationships with V and Jungkook. This explains why their "roles" in a family are quite different from the rest of BTS.

As reported, the "Friends" singer sees V as his little brother. Despite the minimal age gap between them, he is the one who always protects the "Sweet Night" singer, adding that he cheers him up when he is sad.

Likened to a family pet, Jungkook takes the role in Jimin's little "family." It, reportedly, makes total sense considering that the "Still With You" singer is the youngest member, and "he is just too cute" for everyone.

Jimin, V, and Jungkook are the youngest members of BTS. This is why they always get each other's thoughts, movements, and acts.

This, also, explains why when the public talks about "best friends" within the group, the three members' names would always come on top. Many believe that despite the closeness of everyone else in the band, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have the "friendship goals" that several individuals want to have.

Some noted that Jimin and V have a much stronger bond than Jimin and Jungkook. Others, however, believe that Jimin and Jungkook are much closer than anyone else. While it remains unclear just how close each of the members is to the rest of the group, fans and followers are certain that they are a family.