Kate Middleton and Prince William have been making efforts to set themselves apart from impersonators as they have tactically adopted significant changes to their social media brand.

According to royal experts Russell Myers and Ann Gripper, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not only changed their Instagram handle from @KensingtonRoyal to @DukeandDuchessofCambridge, but they've also launched a new YouTube channel. They are the only royal couple, aside from Queen Elizabeth via The Royal Family YouTube, to have a confirmed channel on the vlogging platform.

Myers said in the podcast Pod Save the Queen that Kate Middleton and William are doing the changes the "professional way," and they might have had some help directly from Instagram and YouTube to ensure that their brand is intact. For instance, their old Instagram account is now set to private and will likely not be posting anything while they are expanding their reach when people tag their new account with their official royal titles. The royal expert said that Middleton and William cannot do these changes as quickly as they have achieved if they did not ask for help from Instagram's organization.

Then Middleton and William also have a new YouTube account that aims to shine the spotlight on their work. As noted by Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be streaming more videos in the coming months as they seek new ways to work with their charities in this new normal and post-pandemic world.

The couple is also making themselves more accessible, relaxed and relatable in their new YouTube channel. However, sources close to Middleton and William told Nicholl that this was in their plans for some time and the pandemic lockdowns only sped up the couple's YouTube debut. Middleton and William have been working royals for the last 10 years and are actually looking to expand their work using digital communications.

However, unlike most people who are using social media to earn money, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will not be motivated by monetization. Social media experts said that the couple could earn $16,500 a month based on their channel's audience views and subscribers.

Yet, more than the extra financial benefits of doing YouTube videos, Kate Middleton and William are on social media to gain more control over their narrative and public perception. The experts said that the couple are using these platforms to reach a larger audience and people who are likely no longer subscribing to traditional media.