Prince William and Kate Middleton are making an effort to create their own power that would be separate from Prince Charles and Camilla, some royal commentators have observed.

Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito of the podcast Royally Obsessed said that there has been a conscious move for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to grow their own social media presence, which is different from the style of Charles and Camilla. William and Middleton recently opened their own YouTube channel and they are the only members of the British royal family to have such a platform.

In contrast, Bowie said that she doesn't see Charles and Camilla making a push on social media and they have launched separate initiatives as well, such as Camilla's very own book club on Instagram. On the other hand, Fiorito said that it seems a top priority for William and Middleton to have their online star power and to "own that space" which used to be dominated by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It comes as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have reached over half a million followers since opening a YouTube account in early May. The couple has been highlighting Middleton's work for Hold Still, her photography initiative during the pandemic.

Royal fans, however, are eager to see more behind-the-scene videos from William and Middleton to get a glimpse of the lighter side of their work as public servants. Some even joked that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should do reaction videos, a common content from YouTube users, about Harry and Markle's interviews.

Prince William, as the second in line to the throne, will assume as king when Charles dies. His wife is set to become the Queen Consort, after Camilla, who will reportedly take on the title of Princess Consort with Charles as the king.

However, it might still take decades before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could sit on the throne. Charles has been waiting his turn for years as well since Queen Elizabeth has vowed to serve as the monarch until her dying breath.

Meanwhile, once Charles becomes the king, his title as Prince of Wales will pass on to Prince William as the heir apparent. This will make Middleton the new Princess of Wales, a title that was bestowed to Princess Diana, Charles' first wife. Camilla refused when she married Charles and instead carries the Duchess of Cornwall as her official name.