Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) share a memorable moment in the upcoming NCIS season 18 finale. There have been a lot of hints that the two were heading on a romantic path, but they haven't properly talked about their potential relationship until now.

The promo of NCIS season 18 finale provides a romantic moment for Torres and Bishop. In the middle of the clip, they can be seen sharing a passionate kiss. The two have gone on dates together in the past, but this one is different from what was shown before.

Torres and Bishop do have feelings for each other, and a lot of viewers were shipping them for a long time already. However, they don't really talk about the potential romance between them because they're both focused on their professional life.

It can be recalled that when they were held hostage in one of the episodes in the current installment, they were able to discuss some of their feelings. They admitted what they truly feel towards each other, but the topic was never tackled again when they were rescued.

In NCIS season 18 finale, Nick and Bishop may finally have the chance to revisit that talk. The biggest concern, however, is that the latter might be leaving at some point. She talked about her trip to Bulgaria, and she's also training in secret with Odette (Elayn Taylor).

In the promo, Bishop called Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and asked what does "Rule 51" means. The latter responded that it is knowing when to walk away, which might be a hint that Wickersham's character is planning to leave the department.

Also, Bishop's life might be in danger since she's been implicated in an NSA link years ago. It remains unknown what happened back then, but she could either be involved in a crime or was framed up. She is possibly hiding in order to protect whatever she has right now.

As for what else is coming in NCIS season 18 finale, Gibbs is still suspended and he'll be working with investigative journalist Marcie Warren (Pam Dawber) to track down a specific killer. The problem here is that they don't have protection, so they might ask the team for some backup.

Gibbs has been suspended over the past few episodes, and it is still uncertain when will he rejoin the team. Yet, even though could not work with them for the time being, he decided to team up with Warren so he can still work on something.

NCIS season 18 finale is set to air on Tuesday, May 25, on CBS.