Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did not sign any prenup agreement to protect their personal wealth and this confirmation recently surfaced amid rumors that the couple could be headed for divorce.

According to royal biographer Angela Levin, who wrote the book Harry: Conversations with the Prince in 2017, there were talks that Queen Elizabeth insisted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex draw up a prenup during their engagement because she wanted Harry protected. At that time, Harry's personal wealth was estimated to be over $30 million while Meghan had $7 million from her work as a Hollywood actress.

However, sources said that Harry and Meghan Markle signed nothing because they are determined to make their marriage last. The sources also said that Harry will do anything for Markle because of his love and devotion for her.

Reports also cited that it's not customary for members of the royal family to have a prenup, which means it's not likely that Queen Elizabeth asked for the legal paper. According to royal biographer Duncan Larcombe, the royals do not need a prenup because some of their assets are not theirs but the queen.

However, since Harry and Markle are no longer receiving money from Queen Elizabeth, as they have stepped down from their royal work, speculations have resurfaced about their wealth in the event that they split up. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have landed multi-million deals with Netflix and Spotify, while Harry has a deal with Apple TV+ and his work with the Silicon Valley company BetterUp.

It comes as reports stated that Prince Charles told Harry he can come back to the royal fold if he divorces his American wife. The insider said that a divorce from Markle is likely the only solution for Harry to mend his relationship with his family, as his father blames the Duchess of Sussex for "ripping the family apart."

The insider also said that for as long as Harry is married to Markle, reconciliation will not happen between Harry, Charles and William, as well as Queen Elizabeth, who are said to be reeling from the Duke of Sussex's revelations about his sadness in his life as a royal.

Meanwhile, one person who believes that Harry and Markle's marriage won't last is the latter's half-sister, Samantha Markle. She said that if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex won't go through extensive counseling and work on apologizing to the people they've damaged, then they will end up divorcing each other.

Lady Colin Campbell, a royal insider and a staunch critic of Meghan Markle, also believes they will divorce because they are disconnected from reality. She also said that Markle's "untruths" will be her undoing and Harry knows that what she has told the public during their tell-all interview was not true and he's just going along with it, for now.