Prince Harry appears to be a "broken man" after he unleashed a litany of criticisms directed against the royal family, according to someone who has watched the Duke of Sussex grow up.

Paul Burrell, the former butler and confidante of Harry's mother, Princess Diana, said that the Duke of Sussex will be in for "so much more pain" once he realizes what he has said and done during his very public interviews. Burrell also said that Prince Harry appears to have been "blinded" by his wife, Meghan Markle.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Burrell said that he no longer recognizes Harry who has been baring his soul for a documentary series. Burrell feels that the Duke of Sussex is only putting himself and his life at the center of the controversy.

The former royal butler also believes that the only person who can stop Harry from disintegrating and destroying himself further is his own wife. Burrell sees that Harry will not be able to heal from his pain and trauma if he keeps on using this for his own gain, such as promoting a documentary series.

If Diana were still alive today, Burrell believes that she will be "heartbroken" and will want Harry to stop airing dirty laundry in public. While Diana has been at odds with her royal in-laws, she will likely disapprove of how the Duke of Sussex has been tearing down his own kin.

Burrell warned that Harry's situation could only get worse especially after reports have claimed that Queen Elizabeth is taking Harry's comments personally. The Duke of Sussex said that his struggles are due to genetic pain or the kind of royal parenting he experienced with Prince Charles, who also experienced pain from his parents.

Meanwhile, despite saying that London is a trigger for his anxieties, the Duke of Sussex still plans on returning home in July to join his brother, Prince William, for the unveiling of his mother's statue in Kensington Palace. Palace sources told Page Six that Harry is still expected at the event but it's not clear how the reunion with William will go down in light of his recent statements.

The sources also said that Prince Harry and William's relationship have been "terrible" since the former decided to leave for the U.S. But the Duke of Sussex's plans might still change depending on the birth of his second child with Markle, who is in her last trimester of pregnancy.