Several K-Pop groups formed after winning a survival show. Some of them have even succeeded in becoming popular across the globe.

With the current rise and fame of the industry outside South Korea, it seemingly makes sense why agencies and companies are now welcoming international individuals to train with them. Aside from this, some auditions and survival shows are now, also, accepting applicants from all parts of the world.

The talks about the matter became even more apparent when Funky Studio announced that they are calling for international applicants to join their upcoming girl group survival competition series. AllKpop said that the production company is joining MBC and Han Dong Cheol in spearheading the material.

The announcement came on Friday, noting that the program will carry the title, "After School Excitement." They, reportedly, plan to produce a new girl group from the show "that will take on the challenge to enter the Billboard Charts and become a global idol group."

The publication continued that the title of the program came from the concept of "students running to achieve their dreams after school." These individuals will try to make their goals and dreams materialize into reality, alongside Han Dong Cheol, who came up with the original idea.

While further details about the After School Excitement remain undisclosed, the producer and MBC are, reportedly, meeting trainees from different agencies today. They are seemingly screening the potential participants of the series.

As for their screening process for the international talents, it will likely take place after the application period, which will end on June 30. Anyone who aspires to become a part of the K-Pop industry may send their applications, even without having agencies. The only qualification is that they should be above the age of 12.

Survival series materials have become rampant, considering the number of people who dream of becoming a K-Pop idol continues to increase. Moreover, several winning groups from various competition shows have, also, reached global fame and success over the years, making the format's concept more popular these days.

Koreaboo listed some examples of survival show-produced K-Pop groups that have become globally successful. These include TWICE who came from SIXTEEN, MOMOLAND from Finding MOMOLAND, IZ*ONE from Produce 48, and I.O.I from Produce 101.

Cosmopolitan, also, released a similar report, naming other groups that debuted after joining competition and survival shows. These are BIGBANG, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, PENTAGON, iKON, Stray Kids, 2PM, and 2AM.