The K-Pop industry continues to dominate the music space these past few years. As the market shows an increasing trend, companies and labels maintain the recurring debuts of trainees into official idols.

It is not easy, though, for aspirants to become idols. After auditioning, they have to pass rigorous and lengthy training. This takes years and even a decade or more for some.

During the training period, trainees have to follow strict rules and protocols. These include living on tight schedules inside dorms, alongside other aspiring artists.

Accordingly, hanging out and dating outside is almost always impossible. While many trainees stick to these rules, others break them from time to time. 

Koreaboo reported that a former K-Pop idol previously confessed this before her audience. On her own YouTube channel, Coco of CocoSuri spilled the details by answering some questions from fans and viewers. During the engagement, former JYP Entertainment trainee Gina Maeng joined her to enlighten many people about the life they lived as trainees.

In one part of the video, Coco admitted to sneaking in her boyfriend to their dorm in the past. She pointed out that it was "possible," to which Gina echoed, saying that it was "not difficult at all."

The former K-Pop idol consequently shared the details as to how she snuck in her boyfriend, as well as how they all snuck out. She said that one of their tricks involved using a hairdryer.

Coco revealed that one of the group would stand right outside of their manager's room and use the hairdryer to make noise. In this way, they would not hear the sound of the door as it opened and closed.

The use of the hairdryer is only one of the "creative" ways that trainees utilize to snuck out of the dorm or snuck in their significant others. Another trick that was used by a different K-Pop idol was a suitcase.

The same publication recalled the revelation former A-JAX member Dowoo made earlier this year. He said that he once hid his then-girlfriend in a suitcase to be able to be with her during their "boy band" years. Hyejin, who is his wife now, attested to this and shared the details of their first encounter using the trick.

Meanwhile, Coco and Gina Maeng, also, talked about other shocking things about their lives as K-Pop trainees. These include the heartbreaking and grave monthly weight check, as well as the infamous dating bans.

The two celebrities admitted, however, that all K-Pop idols date each other. They claimed that it is just a matter of how well they all hide it from the public.