The war against Kaido will finally begin in "One Piece" Episode 978, titled "The Worst Generation Charges In! The Battle of the Stormy Sea!" Fans will now witness the intense series of brawls happening in Wano in the anime version.

The Oden flashback is now over and the anime officially returns to the present timeline. As the fight against Kaido begins in "One Piece" Episode 978, there will be big revelations and a major character's return in the future episodes.

Orochi seems to have prepared themselves from the Akazaya Nine's attack. The bridges and ports surrounding Wano have all been bombed, thanks to the traitor who leaks information about the group's plans.

The deck was also stacked against them, Comicbook noted. Luckily, Luffy, Law and Kid were all there to give them a hand and to make a big counterattack against Kaido.

From here, the war against Kaido will finally begin in "One Piece" Episode 978.

According to Epic Dope, fans are about to see Luffy, Kid and Law begin the fight and cause huge damage to Kaido's fleet and eventually destroy it. However, Kanjuro may find a way to kidnap Momonosuke and bring the kid to the Beast Pirates Captain.

Luffy is now back into action and the anime's future episode titles tease what is going to happen next. Aside from Episode 978, titles until Episode 981 are now revealed and it all contains hints, teasers and a major character comeback.

In a tweet by YonkouProd, the upcoming episode teased the beginning of an intense series of episodes. As the full-blown war begins, everything that will happen next holds the future of Wano.

Kaido and Orochi both have their own evil plans on how to take the isolated nation. However, Momo's army has no plans to stop and do everything to put these two villains down.

What happens next lies in the next episodes' titles, like Episode 979's "Strong Luck?! Leader Kin'emon Total Plan," followed by Episode 980's "Promise of Tears! The Kidnapped Momonosuke."

Lastly, Episode 981 will bear the title "A New Companion! Knight of the Sea, Jinbei!" Aside from the war's future, it looks like it will all end with the Straw Hat Pirates' helmsman's return.

As his status has been questionable until now his comeback is truly a must-see. So, fans have to wait and see how this war will play out on the release of "One Piece" Episode 978 Sunday.