All eyes are now on "One Punch Man" Chapter 147 after the previous chapter's major cliffhanger. As Garou now enters the scene, things will surely be pretty intense as a massive fight may begin.

It may be quite easy to predict what will happen next in "One Punch Man" Chapter 147, knowing it is based on the webcomic. Though no one knows when Yusuke Murata will release the next chapter, it is not shy from different theories and assumptions.

According to BlockToro, Garou's arrival hints at a fight against the S-Class Heroes. On the webcomic, Silver Fang will face Garou and their battle may continue for some time.

Sure, the S-Class hero can quickly get the best of the monster, but everything is about to change. Garou will eventually evolve after each defeat and he will even become much stronger that Silver Fang may find it hard to handle him.

From here, "One Punch Man" Chapter 147 may take a different route, and Garou finally defeats Silver Fang. However, everything will be in Yusuke Murata's hands if he wants to continue this storyline or not. 

In the previous chapter, Garou stopped Regatta as they headed to Fubuki's location. Regatta was in bad shape to face Garou.

Even Genos did not have enough strength to handle the fight alone. From here, an epic battle between the lone fighters against the huge beast will be seen next, The Anime Daily noted.

Despite their massive stands, no one may be able to stop Garou. So, fans will again wish for Saitama to come in "One Punch Man" Chapter 147.

His long-awaited return is still yet to happen. There are theories this fight may feature the end of Bang, though it remains to be seen if it will really happen.

So far, Chapter 146 featured the brawl against one of the strongest monsters in the series. The heroes did their best to stop the regenerating creature but to no avail.

Everyone was gravely injured. Fortunately, just when the monster was about to put everyone down, the Council of the Sword Masters arrived.

Regatta was then seen getting the help of Genos. The two would go to Fubuki to heal the initial's wounds, but Garou arrived.

So, how will these two fighters face a new enemy amid their conditions? Find out the release of "One Punch Man" Chapter 147 which Devdiscourse predicted to be July 1.