Fans may soon see the hilarious duo of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith on the big screen. In an interview with the franchise's producer, Scott Marder, he hints at a possible Rick and Morty movie coming.

In a talk with the Metro UK, Rick and Morty's executive team expressed their interest in bringing Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's hit sitcom to the big screen. So, what will be the future of the series after the Season 5 debut?

The future looks bright for Rick and Morty. With the number of adaptations the series will have, fans will surely see more of these two.

"It'd be daunting. I wouldn't be shocked if there was one that comes down the pipe one day," Marder teases. "I feel like every episode is a movie. I'd like to see what a movie would be like. I feel like we pack so much in. It'd have to be pretty epic."

Writer Spencer Grammer seconds Marder's words, saying the Rick and Morty film will be a "big affair." He foresees it to be a "true spectacle," like being a 3D interactive movie with its own theme park.

There is no way that they will make this film "small." Though nothing is confirmed yet, he seems to be sure that "it will happen." "I do think it will happen," he assures.

However, according to Screenrant, despite the scanty details of the film, Roiland has teased before that it is only a matter of "when" and not "if." By the looks of it, fans will surely see Rick and Morty in theaters.

As fans wait for more info about this, they will surely see more of this pair on the small screen. Aside from the upcoming fifth season, Harmon has also hinted at its seventh season's coming.

The seventh installment is, allegedly, now in the works long before the sixth season's release. If it is not yet enough, Adult Swim is also said to be developing a short spinoff, called The Vindicators, per NME.

This side of the story will follow Supernova, Vance Maxiumus, Alan Rails, Crocubot and Noob Noob. Fans will once again see these characters, who were first seen in the third season, as the new titular superhero team.

"We are thrilled to work in the Rick and Morty universe again," these shorts are an incredible opportunity to explore what happens in the aftermath of the Vindicators saving (or destroying) worlds," executive producers Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe tease.