All eyes are now on "One Piece" Chapter 1017 to witness the continuation of Yamato and Kaido's battle. Of course, everyone is also looking forward to the return of Luffy, though it may still take time before it happens.

"One Piece" Chapter 1017 may give fans the fight they are all waiting for. But as rumors have it that Yamato can't still defeat her father, what Luffy has to do to finally put down the world's strongest creature?

Sure, the father and child's battle will be a must-see as it involves the use of Conqueror's Haki, but knowing how strong Kaido is, can Yamato keep up with the fight?

Luffy is still yet to return to Onigashima as he is still trying to recover from his heated brawl with Kaido. But when he returns, he may finally settle their brawl once and for all, so how will he do it?

According to Recent Highlights, it may only take Luffy some proper sleep and food to recuperate. He possesses Conqueror's Haki, though he may still need more practice to master this ability like Kaido.

However, as he has already learned more about it through combat during the Katakuri fight, the difference may be lies in its forms itself. He only manages to defeat his opponent using Gear 4 Snakeman after failing with Gear 4 Bounceman.

Does this mean a new form needs to be unlocked before Luffy can put Kaido down? Will he finally achieve Gomu Gomu no Mi and Gear 5?

As the fights continue in "One Piece" Chapter 1017, it looks like fans have a lot to look forward to. Meanwhile, based on what happened in "One Piece" Chapter 1016, O-Tama may ask everyone has eaten her Dango to attack Kaido, Epic Dope noted.

If this happens, they may have the chance to have the upper hand in the game and finally snatch the victory. In addition, Sanji has given Chopper the responsibility to look after Zoro.

If the doctor manages to heal the pirate hunter, he may finally return to action. He may help Sanji in the fight and face the most formidable enemy, like King.

Yamato, alternatively, knows she cannot beat Kaido. So, she wants to hold the villain as much as she can until Luffy returns.

Just like others, Yamato hopes Luffy can put Kaido down and end this misery happening in Wano. This series of battles will continue on the release of "One Piece" Chapter 1017 Sunday.