The S-Rank gates will open up after a couple of days in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 156. Unfortunately, as the monsters are just about to come out, a beast is already wreaking havoc all over the city.

Will Jin-woo finally arrive in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 156 to save everyone? As all the hunters worldwide go to Seoul to face a huge danger coming, will they succeed in stopping it?

According to Recent Highlights, Thomas Andrew and Lennart Niermann are already in Seoul. Of course, Jin-woo is in the area, too, though he's not yet in the scene.

Woo Jin-cheol and Yu Jin-ho's fears are growing as they can't reach Jin-woo. Without him, they may find it hard to contain what this mysterious gate is about to unleash.

Anyhow, even before the gates open, a monster is already destroying the city. It starts to kill as many hunters as it can, leaving the streets and its body covered with blood.

Niermann enters the scene, but he still fears seeing the beast in front of him despite being a high-level hunter. He knows he can't face it alone until he feels someone taps his shoulder.

Fortunately, Andrew has come to his rescue in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 156. He feels at ease seeing someone has his back.

Andrew bravely faces the monster alone - resultin in an intense fight between the two. As the beast gets his fangs ready to attack Andrew, he transforms into a monster to match its power and ability.

His chest and shoulders have tripled in size, hinting at an incredible power he now possesses. However, it remains to be seen if this will be enough to defeat the beast or they will still need the help of Jin-woo.

In "Solo Leveling" Chapter 155, the citizens wondered if the mysterious individual they saw was Jin-woo, OtakuKart News noted. At the time, a news conference was held and here, the protagonist wanted to make a major announcement.

A woman then walked by Jin-woo's side, which made the public confused if she's his girlfriend. However, later, they realized this girl was hunter Cha Hae-in.

Jin-woo revealed he didn't expect there would be a huge crowd coming - knowing a huge danger was looming. From here, an incredible showdown would be seen when "Solo Leveling" Chapter 156 releases Wednesday, June 23. However, in other areas, it could be out Thursday, June 24.