"My Hero Academia" Season 5 has completed its first arc after releasing 12 episodes. As there's a new looming danger waiting for Deku, where will the story go from here?

"My Hero Academia" Season 5 has a lot of things to uncover. The franchise reveals the new arc the anime is about to feature, along with a tease of how dark it will be.

The series announced the upcoming new arc in a talk with the anime's cast on the recent fan event online. They all gathered to talk about the current season and made several teasers about what's to come.

After the release of Chapter 101, they revealed a new arc was about to start this coming June 27. According to Comicbook, fans are about to witness the beginning of the Meta Liberation Army arc if the anime will stick to the source material. It's one of the most famous arcs in the manga for featuring most of the villains.

Here, the League of Villains will be pushing back against the new organization known as Meta Liberation Army. It will go to the same route Overhaul takes to form an alliance, but Shigaraki seems to be not buying it.

If this happens in "My Hero Academia" Season 5, the villains will be at war, though it remains to be seen if the league will end up working together or tearing apart.

Also known as My Villain Academia, it's also one of the darkest storylines the manga has. Sure, there will be a series of fights, but it may never involve any hero.

Shigaraki and his group of villains will take the front and center this time as they try to defeat an equally powerful set of evildoers.

Twitter user Deku's Notebook even teased how intense and dark this storyline by sharing a quote from the anime's voice actors who asked if the series could air at night because of its "dark and gory subject matter."

Anyhow, the Meta Liberation Army arc isn't the last storyline "My Hero Academia" Season 5 will feature. The Endeavor Agency arc is listed as the current season's final saga, though it's yet to be revealed if Season 6 will be in the works.

However, if it comes, it will likely adapt the War arc. Here, the heroes will go against the villains in the biggest battle that fans are about to see in animated form in the series to date.