A lot is about to happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1020. Aside from the Straw Hat Pirates' fight against Kaido's subordinates, fans may finally know more about Yamato and her mysterious devil fruit.

Kaido and Yamato will continue their fight in "One Piece" Chapter 1020. Though the Beast Pirates Captain seems not to take his daughter seriously, there is something that Yamato can do with her devil fruit that he is yet to see.

Kaido is maybe belittling his kid, not seeing her as a significant threat. However, according to Recent Highlights, they seem to take their fight seriously as they are fighting in their hybrid modes.

Yamato's devil fruit may be a big deal for her father. Her character is getting more depth.

With her love for Oden, her fighting skills have incredibly grown, along with her love for Wano citizens. All Yamato wants to do is to free these people from the hands of Kaido.

If she manages to defeat her dad, Yamato may finally get the freedom that she wants. From here, she may start to sail the seas.

Anyhow, as no one knows about her devil fruit, fans may finally learn more from it in "One Piece" Chapter 1020. Some say it is a Kirin, which looks like a fox and is a very rare one.

In addition, the new chapter may finally give a glimpse of the fight between Nico Robin and Black Maria, IBTimes noted. It may also give an update about Brook, who is fighting alongside Robin and trying to take down Black Maria and her minions together.

Elsewhere, Roronoa Zoro may finally return to action, thanks to Miyagi, who gave him the super medicine to recover. It may also provide an update about the fight between Sanji and Queen the Plague.

Other characters that may be seen in the next installment are Otama, Nami and Usopp. To recall, Gifters and Smile users are after these three.

They now know that Otama has the ability to command anyone who has eaten her kibi dango. This helps the Straw Hat Pirates turn the tide of the war, getting more allies for Luffy's group.

Anyhow, as the manga seems to be focusing on others fights, it has yet to give an update about King the Conflagration, Jack, Big Mom, Nekomamushi, Perospero, Marco the Phoenix, XDrake, Basil Hawkins and the Akazaya Nine. Though, Eiichiro Oda may put them in the spotlight again in the future chapters.

"One Piece" Chapter 1020 will be released Sunday, Aug. 1.