The first week of September may see some new PlayStation 5 consoles for those on the good side of luck.

TechTimes reports that Amazon has announced another round of PS5 restock, albeit just be the Digital Editions, supposedly dropping on the weekend. Amazon users are advised to add the console to a list to see all of the purchasing options.

According to the report, Amazon and GameStop are two places worth keeping an eye on for PS5 consoles. Both have suggested that another PS5 restock is in the works.

In addition, GameStop announced on Twitter that, aside from PS5, the Xbox Series X may be available this week. Signing up for GameStop's PowerUp reward tier is highly recommended if you want to guarantee a slot.

One of the advantages of the reward program is that you can get early access to new consoles when they are released.

You will not only be notified, but you will also avoid having to wait in line, unlike others who did not sign up for the program.

You can also go to Walmart for some retail therapy. Despite the fact that it follows a Thursday PS5 restock timetable, there is generally a week between drops. This suggests that PS5 consoles could be shipped on Sept. 8 or Sept. 9.

Meanwhile, a PS5 restock is long overdue at Best Buy. Because the retailer hasn't released anything in three weeks, it's likely that it may join Amazon and GameStop in releasing PS5 restocks this week.

According to NewsWeek, you can check Best Buy's websites starting at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time because that is when the consoles usually appear.

The last time Amazon restocked PS5s was on Prime Day and the day after, on July 21. According to GamesRadar, the stock sold out almost immediately.

Users can look for random drops by clicking on links. On the site, a PS5 console costs $499, while the Digital Edition is $399.

The last time Walmart restocked the PS5 was on August 25. TechRadar notes that the retailer is known to drop stocks on Thursdays, so check the site on that day of the week.

It's important to keep in mind that retailers are notoriously unreliable and prone to long periods of time when no PS5 stock is available, so it's recommended to sign up for their newsletters and check their individual online sites on a regular basis.