Florida Police had arrested a man believed to be the owner of the loaded gun that was used by a toddler to shoot and kill his mother while she was on a Zoom call with workmates. The man, reportedly, placed the gun inside a "Paw Patrol" children's backpack.

The Seminole County sheriff's office said they arrested the father, Veondre Avery, and charged him with manslaughter and failure to secure and store a loaded firearm. The horrific accidental shooting occurred in August, where Florida resident Shamaya Lynn was shot and killed by her own child.

Investigators said Avery had left his loaded gun inside the backpack and then placed it on the floor unsecured before he left their home. Lynn was, reportedly, on a Zoom conference call with coworkers when their 2-year-old child found the gun inside the backpack. Likely thinking it was a toy the child walked behind Lyn and fired a single shot to her head, instantly killing her.

One of Lynn's coworkers who were on the same conference call was the first to report the incident to 911. The coworker told operators that one of the people she was having an online meeting with had "passed out" and was bleeding on the ground. The coworkers added that her camera was still on and there was a baby crying in the background.

Avery returned back home and discovered his girlfriend's lifeless body and their child crying. When paramedics arrived, they pronounced Lynn dead at the scene. Avery was not arrested right away as police thought it may have just been an accident.

The initial investigation had proved that Avery was not at home during the time of the shooting. Forensic evidence also established the Avery did not fire his gun and that it was the child that held and fired the weapon that killed Lynn.

Upon further investigation, police determined that there was enough evidence to press charges against the gun's owner. A court order was then issued for Avery's arrest. The 22-year-old Florida resident was taken into custody by sheriff's deputies and police officers and taken to the Seminole County Jail. He is being held without bond. A trial for the case has not yet been set.