Aside from the battle between Queen and Sanji, fans are about to see other fights happening in Wano in "One Piece" Chapter 1029. The newly-dropped spoilers tease the new chapter will now focus on Killer and Hawkins, along with the other brawls happening on the battlefield.

Warning: The following content is full of "One Piece" Chapter 1029 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The brief summary came from Redon from AP forums and was posted on Reddit. The next chapter will be called "Tower" and it will first show Queen and Sanji.

Queen will remember Judge's dream to create people with "exoskeletons," possessing great power, endurance and a heart of ice but with feelings. Alternatively, Sanji will take the scene and is still shocked by the changes happening to his body.

From here, he is going to leave to ponder things out. Queen will, then, go after him to show him the raid suit.

The next scene will be, then, on Kid and Law. The Kid Pirates captain is experiencing severe headaches caused by Hawkins, who is headbutting himself.

He will, then, battle Big Mom, along with Law. Elsewhere, the main focus will be on Killer, who will face Hawkins.

There will be a long talk between the two, as Killer has two questions for Hawkins in "One Piece" Chapter 1029. The first one is what if the damage he will cause has nowhere to go.

Hawkins says the damage will go to Kid, but Killer cuts his left arm off. The infamous pirate questions Killer now, asking why he has cut his arm off.

"Kid has no left arm," Killer answers. He, then, reveals his second question about the lives he will have left if he removes Kid's straw dolls.

Hawkins reveals it will be the last one and even congratulates him. He, then, draws the card of "Tower," but Killer manages to defeat him.

The "Tower" from Hawkins' cards means the "collapse of the old." It also has a hidden meaning, which says "a new path." "Go ahead, mate," Killer dares Hawkins.

Evidently, the new chapter will mostly be about Hawkins and Killer. When their scene comes to an end, the next focus will be on Kid and Law, facing Big Mom, per Recent Highlights.

Though Kid is free again, they still have a little chance to win. Luffy, too, may have not enough strength to face Big Mom after giving his everything in his fight against Kaido.

So, this may result in a huge twist. If they do not manage to defeat Big Mom, she may be the new Kaido who will take over the sea.

Will this happen? Find out when "One Piece" Chapter 1029 drops on Sunday, Oct. 24.