huge war is about to break in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 170 after the introduction of the Dragon King. Now that Jin Woo gets the help of the huge army of elite hunters from China, it looks like other hunters from other countries will also come to the rescue.

"Solo Leveling" Chapter 170 spoilers have now dropped and it reveals the horror the army of Dragons is about to bring. Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

There are theories the enemies will try to wipe out all of Canada while the Dragon King learns more about Jin Woo. From here, there may be a brief meeting between the two monarchs, the Destruction Monarch Antares and the Shadow Monarch Jin Woo.

Recent Highlights noted what might happen next in the series based on its web novel. With the arrival of the Dragon King, a huge army of it will bow down in front of the Destruction Monarch and the latter will give them one order.

He asks them to destroy everything that is coming their way. With that said, chaos is about to begin.

They ruin everything in their path and this has been captured in a video. However, the brave cameramen who posted this ended up dying.

"Solo Leveling" Chapter 170 will, then, show David Brennan. He will realize the world is going to be destroyed and there is nothing he can do.

Jin Woo will meet Brennan to get the Rune Stone from Kamish, knowing it holds incredible power. He plans to use this against the horde of enemies and hold a meeting with Norma Selner to ask about his future. Now that he seems to have prepared himself, Jin Woo is ready to face the big battle.

Meanwhile, in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 169, Jin Woo trained his new army and asked everyone to flee from the gates a far as possible. He planned to deal with the gate in China first, knowing his family was there, per Epic Stream.

However, despite his readiness, no monster came out from the gates. This only tricked Jin Woo and the enemies were about to come out from the farthest gate from him.

Adam started to panic when a horde of dragon monsters emerged and told Jin Woo about it. The protagonist asked him to run as fast as he could to avoid the enemies.

However, the monsters' arrival already resulted in the death of many high-ranking hunters and it was only just the beginning. They would be too many to handle and Jin Woo might find it hard to bring them down.

Can Jin Woo handle this number of enemies? Find out when "Solo Leveling" Chapter 170 drops on Friday, Oct. 22.