Senku and the gang will officially begin their science project to launch a telescope on the moon in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 216. Will this be a success or will they fail this time?

The search for Why-man continues and the group learns they can find this mysterious being on the moon. They know this source of a powerful radio wave is only hanging around the moon and fans may finally have a glimpse of it in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 216.

Despite their plans to launch the telescope, Ryusui has some questions about the matter. He wonders why they have to do that, as others insist it is where they can see Why-man, OtakuKart News noted.

The manga has started a colorful journey to the moon since Senku starts to work with Dr. Xeno. So, will this plan work this time?

Senku, Chrome, Kaseki and Kohaku started talking about the artificial satellites while staring at the moon. Kohaku did not know a thing about it and could not even pronounce the word correctly.

Chrome knows they can only answer questions when they already have the item and it starts to fly in space. This makes Senku realize that his crew does not know what a satellite is and corrects them it does not fly.

Sadly, many of them still do not get it. Chelsea assures Chrome the satellite does not need fuel, while Senku explains the energy source it needs.

Ukyo, then, adds how the satellite works. As Chrome and Suika worry about its battery or electricity, Senku assures them the sun will be its power source.

This gives Gen an idea that they will use solar cells, so Senku starts to give orders to the crew on the things they have to collect. If they combine all these ingredients, they can turn it into electricity, producing the satellite they need in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 216.

Meanwhile, in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 215, Senku and Xeno tried to launch their first rocket. Sadly, it did not go as planned, per Epic Dope.

Anyhow, Senku could finally fulfill his childhood dream to go to space. The previous episode featured a few flashbacks of Senku's childhood with Taiju, doing different experiments.

With the several setbacks he experienced, he now knew more things about it. But, it could never be denied that launching a rocket into space was not an easy feat.

Several years had already gone by. Though he got Xeno's support, was it enough to achieve his childhood goal?

There are theories the group may revive NASA scientists or Xeno's old colleagues to help them. Will this happen? Find out when "Dr. Stone" Chapter 216 drops on Sunday, Oct. 31.