Nie Li will do his best to fight for the deity lake root in "Tales Of Demons And Gods" Chapter 357. The Heavenly Marks Family member is now taking big steps to have enough strength to go against the Sage Emperor.

With Nie Li's planned move, he needs a strong team to help him bring the Sage Emperor down. Can he do this in "Tales of Demons and Gods" Chapter 357?

Recent Highlights noted that Nie Li accidentally possesses the Myriad miles rivers and mountain painting from an auction. Now, he can cultivate with much speed and even make it faster with the use of the deity lake roots.

Though he never expects to get his hands on these things, a little twist of fate brings him to those. The painting has its world inside, where he grows the deity lakes root. So, to make it grow faster at a rapid pace, he has to find many deity roots that he possibly can before the fight against the Sage Emperor comes.

Gu Bei and Long Yuin have to fight to have the patriarch seat of the family, as instructed by Nie Li himself in "Tales Of Demons And Gods" Chapter 357. However, for them to win, the two have to establish a force of their own in the outside world.

Once they have secured the seat, it will be easier for Nie Li to go for the sect master position. Behind these moves, he aims to earn the strongest allies to face the Sage Emperor when the right time comes.

Meanwhile, in "Tales Of Demons And Gods" Chapter 356, the warriors who tried to face the Sage Emperor failed to bring him down, OtakuKart News noted. Long Yuyin flew near Nie Li to listen to his story and the different types of Ancestral Masters and her own Master.

Nie Li believed that these two masters were the Master of Heaven's Divination Technique. He also talked about the techniques they had inside their bodies.

Nie Li had to make sure that these two would die before their techniques reached their peak. However, Long Yiyun could not help but wonder why they had to die.

Nie Li explained that if the Sage Emperor managed to find them, it would kill the Divine Feathers Sect. Sadly, despite encountering several deaths, the Sage Emperor never died.

Later, Long Yuyin remembered that she knew about Heaven's Divination Technique and what her Master told her about it. Master said things about humans and Heavens and the souls would never die in vain.

Master also reminded her not to acquire Heaven's Divination Technique. He even asked Long Yuyin not to cry for him when he died as they needed the heir to Heaven's Divination Technique.

What happens from here can be seen when "Tales of Demons and Gods" Chatper 357 drops on Sunday, Dec. 5.