Tom Cruise has always surprised his fans when he does his own stunts. But, his recent activities for "Mission: Impossible: 8" sparked talks among the public that he may be doing too much.

Sources told OK! magazine that the actor is "pushing himself to the limit" with his latest stunt performances. He did not even attempt to do these feats when he was younger.

The insiders, then, describe it as "pretty ridiculous," considering that he is turning 60 years old in the next few months. This is why many people, especially his friends, reportedly think that Cruise is "going through a midlife crisis."

The assertions come as the "Mission: Impossible" actor's photos recently went viral. They show how he was able to hang upside down from the wing of a World War II biplane.

The Daily Mail said that Tom Cruise may have even "pulled off his most ambitious" stunt yet. As added, these feats are all for the filming of his upcoming movie, "Mission: Impossible 8."

The 59-year-old celebrity has had a busy past few weeks in preparation for his new project. Reports said that he had been taking flying lessons as part of the production for the new "Mission: Impossible" installment, which is set to premiere in 2023.

Amid the claims, though, Tom Cruise reportedly "blows up" at anyone who urges him to take it easier for himself. The tabloid's sources stated that he has "no tolerance for people who doubt him."

The same tipsters, also, asserted that his split with co-star Hayley Atwell has only "intensified" his alleged midlife crisis. As the public would recall, the pair ended their rumored romantic links in September.

The Sun previously reported that the two celebrities agreed to remain friends after a year of dating. A film insider, also, told the publication that although they were a "good match," they decided to go back to being friends.

The dating rumors first emerged when the production of the seventh installment for the "MI" franchise reached its conclusion in December 2020. Sources revealed that Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell got "even closer" due to their roles in the movie. They reportedly became "fairly inseparable" after "hitting it off from day one."

Reports noted that the actor did not seemingly have a high-profile romance since his divorce from Katie Holmes. As for Atwell, it is said that she ended her relationship with her English doctor partner earlier in 2020.