Prince William and Kate Middleton lead a very busy life. Apart from their marriage, they, also, work on their royal duties as the future King and Queen Consort.

But, the couple's priority is said to be their three children. They place more importance on their roles as parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Despite having a lot of things on their respective plates, sources told People that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge always "look after each other," and they do it in different ways. For the royal-born Prince, he reportedly brings his wife a "gin-and-tonic" after a long day.

The report did not seemingly dwell on the details about how Prince William and Kate Middleton wind down after completing their day-to-day schedules. But, it asserted that the Wales Prince bringing his wife a drink is a very "relatable" move.

The same insiders, then, continued that the Duchess of Cambridge "likes to keep an ordinary life." She and her husband are hands-on with their children, including even doing school pickups and reportedly letting the young royals fight over what songs to play during breakfast.

Although the Cambridge household has the help of Maria Turrion Borrallo, the Princess of the United Kingdom is said to run all things with kids and schedules. She, alongside the Wales Prince, involves herself in everything their children do.

Earlier in October, royal historian Robert Lacey told similar statements to People, according to Harper's Bazaar. He asserted that Prince William and Kate Middleton are "working to ensure" their children will have an upbringing, as normal as possible.

The expert stated that the Cambridge couple insists on doing drop-offs and pickups, as well as nightly dinners together. They reportedly want to be "as present as possible with their family."

Lacey, also, claimed that "stability" is the center of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's parenting approach. They work on providing a peaceful childhood for all their three children.

But, while they want their children to enjoy their childhood, this still comes with limits. Reports recently revealed there is a good chance Prince George and Princess Charlotte will not get everything they want for this year's Christmas.

As claimed, Prince William and Kate Middleton are thinking "carefully" about the gifts they will buy for their children this holiday season. Royal expert Katie Nicholls shared that the presents will not be anything "extravagant," like gadgets.

She explained that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are "cautious of screen time." Hence, they will likely buy "more practical" items, something they can use outdoors, or the ones that "last forever."