Criticisms toward Meghan Markle continue to overflow before the public. The most recent ones heavily center on her "The Ellen Show" appearance last month.

A royal expert has recently claimed that she is "upset" about the apparent backlash. Neil Sean, also, told his viewers that she is "apparently taken to indoors" because of it, according to Express UK.

He continued that even Prince Harry thought it was a "good idea" for his wife to appear on the show. This is because it would show her fun side to the audience.

However, it did not come out this way, considering all the negative remarks she has continued to receive. Even so, the expert believes that the Duchess of Sussex will be back in 2022, "looking for another option to rebrand and reconnect."

Days prior, Neil Sean, also, discussed the possibility of Meghan Markle doing her own show. He told his viewers on his YouTube Channel that the former actress appears to have gotten "inspired" after her "Ellen" stint, according to a separate report from Express UK.

The royal commentator, then, revealed that the Duchess of Sussex has her "own strict ideas" about the things she would consider for return to small screens. He noted that these assertions came from a "very good source."

Sean, later on, added that Prince Harry's wife would not do an Ellen DeGeneres type of show. It would reportedly be a "more informal discussion" with personalities, like leaders and political figures, entrepreneurs, and business people.

Meanwhile, other royal experts and commentators seemingly have similar points of view about Meghan Markle's appearance on "The Ellen Show." One even accused her of being "fame-hungry," according to Cheat Sheet.

As reported, royal author Anna Pasternak asserted that the Duchess of Sussex went through with the engagement for "fame." She even described the appearance on the show as "preeningly self-satisfied."

She added that the Duke of Sussex's wife "embarrassed" not only the British Royal Family but herself, as well. In the end, Pasternak noted that Markle still seemingly "seeks to capitalize on her title," considering that she continues to use the "Duchess of Sussex" designation.

The November engagement with Ellen DeGeneres marked the former actress's first daytime talk show appearance since she officially joined the British Royal Family. During the interview, Meghan Markle recalled her experiences when she was still starting in the industry.

Alongside this, she, also, participated in the prank segment of the material. This is where the backlash appears to have centered on as she did numerous shocking things, including squatting in the street and drinking from a baby's bottle.