The senior working royals have continued to increase the number of their engagements these past few months. Prince Charles, for instance, attended the Britannia Royal Naval College parade in Dartmouth on Thursday.

Reports said that the future King addressed the officers at the event. He, also, presented the Queen's sword to deserving officers during the ceremony.

The Prince of Wales seemingly attracted more attention from the public upon making his speech. Express UK revealed that it was because of the "touching insight" he provided, involving Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

The publication noted that Prince Charles "spoke lovingly" of his parents. He even pointed out that the Britannia Royal Naval College has a "rather special place" in the hearts of the British Royals.

As explained, Prince Philip was "extremely proud" of his connection to the College. Apart from being the Lord High Admiral himself, it was where the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh first met.

The Prince of Wales even specified that it happened in the Captain's garden, while King George VI carried out the inspection during their visit back in 1939.

At that time, though, Prince Charles' mother was only 13 years old. She was at the Britannia Royal Naval College because she and Princess Margaret had to accompany their parents.

During the visit, the 18-year-old Philip was tasked to entertain and accommodate the two royal princesses, according to Vanity Fair. The activities they did reportedly "overwhelmed" the young Elizabeth but, it was not until years later that the romance began.

As stated, it grew "very gradually" between the two royals. It appeared to have taken place due to the occasional correspondences, as well as meetings in royal quarters.

In the years that followed, they both became devoted to one another. They, then, tied the knot in 1947 and welcomed their first-born son, Prince Charles in 1948.

The Prince of Wales' youngest son had something to say about his grandparents, as well. TODAY reported that a documentary titled, "Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers," which centers on Prince Philip's life, will soon arrive at discovery+.

In an exclusive first-look clip from the material, Prince Harry speaks "candidly" about the bond of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. He deemed them the "most adorable couple," adding that they were "very much in love," and "dedicated their lives to service."

The Duke of Sussex, also, later on, described the union of his grandparents as "relationship goals."