Nearly eight years have passed since George Clooney and Amal Clooney tied the knot. But, even after those years, the two celebrities maintain a love-filled relationship.

Fans would recall that the "Tomorrowland" actor recently gushed about his wife in one of his interviews. He said that he is "lucky" that he found the ideal partner.

Despite this, though, rumors continue to follow the couple around. One of the latest claims even alleged that they no longer share a bedroom, and are "sleeping apart."

Sources told Globe that the actor's "snoring" has become an issue for his wife. He reportedly "snores like a buzz saw," adding that it is driving her nuts.

The insiders continued that George Clooney is a "restless sleeper" and it has gotten "unbearable." He tosses and turns all night, and they keep Amal Clooney up all night, feeling tired.

On top of it all, the "Up In The Air" star has, also, allegedly become a "podcast junkie," with the informants saying that falling asleep to podcasts is his "new annoying bedroom habit."

Following all the "nighttime nightmare," the two celebrities' solution is to sleep in separate rooms. However, their friends now reportedly have worries because this "could doom their marriage."

While the story features shocking details, the said insiders did not provide any genuine proof to support it. Gossip Cop via Suggest, then, released a report on the matter, dismissing the latest narrative about George Clooney and Amal Clooney.

The publication, which is known for busting false and fake claims, emphasized that the public should "disregard" the magazine's story. Apart from calling it all "absurd," it is stated that the Clooneys are "totally at peace with one another."

Gossip Cop, later on, slammed the magazine, alongside its supposed sources, for repeatedly making "bogus" narratives about the two personalities.

Meanwhile, George Clooney did experience having difficulties sleeping in the past. Everyday Health recalled an interview he did with The Hollywood Reporter in 2012, wherein he opened up about his issue with sleeping.

The "Ocean's Eleven" star revealed that he always has a "tough time getting to sleep." He, also, shared that he wakes up "as many as five times per night."

Five years later, though, Clooney told the same publication that he had already resolved his insomnia. But, considering that he and Amal Clooney had just welcomed their twins, it had become his new source of sleep deprivation.