Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the Hollywood celebrities who always face rumors about his dating life. Despite this, he has never made a remark about the matter, causing more speculations and allegations to arise.

His relationship with model Camila Morrone has never been confirmed, as well. But, it has become public knowledge that the two personalities likely began their romance before 2017 concluded.

Recently, though, a source told Life & Style that the pair are already starting to cool their tie off, with the "Inception" actor "distancing" himself from his girlfriend. He is spending more time partying with his friends, a move that his friends reportedly see when he is about to dump a girl.

The publication first mentioned the issue with Morrone's age. It is said that Leonardo DiCaprio has not dated anyone over 25 years old, and it does not "bode well" for the model as she will turn into one this June.

Apart from this, the insider cited the "Mickey and the Bear" actress's increasing success in the field as another potential reason behind the reported cool-off. As alleged, the "Don't Look Up" star loses interest "when his partner becomes more successful."

No one from his own circle could reportedly explain why. But, it is a possibility that he does not want "more time apart," insinuating that it is what success in the entertainment industry entails.

Following all the allegations, though, Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have yet to break their silence. It is likely that they will not comment on it either, considering how they have been doing it in the last few years.

In addition to this, the informant did not share any proof to corroborate the story. It appears to be more speculative than a fact-based narrative about the couple.

Furthermore, the latest assertions about the two celebrities come amid the virality of a supposed date night that DiCaprio and Morrone had in the past. It is claimed that the renowned actor made the model, who the post referred to as his "ex-girlfriend," watch every single "Star Wars" film, with her deeming it the "worst date" of her life.

Buzzfeed debunked the viral story, which the satire page LeCinephiles published on Twitter. As emphasized, Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone are "still presumably dating," adding that the page repeatedly "reaffirmed" its dynamic, being a satirical account on the platform.

Whatever the case, though, it is seemingly safe to conclude that the two are still together.