Blake Lively will reportedly soon return to the acting space. This is the latest assertions from sources, who recently claimed that she already has "four or five" materials in the pipeline.

Speaking to Life & Style, it is stated that she had a "major part" in Ryan Reynolds' decision to take a hiatus from the spotlight. The actor's busy schedule allegedly "caused arguments" between the two of them because he was spending a lot of time away from their family, especially their three daughters.

The insiders continued that this led their marriage to become "unbalanced." But, with him taking a break, it, then, gives the "Gossip Girl" alum the opportunity to be in the limelight once more.

In maintaining the narrative, the same informants spilled that Blake Lively is now gearing up for her comeback. Although her last project, "The Rhythm Section," was a flop, which reportedly "plummeted" her confidence, Ryan Reynolds' has been said to help her.

The tipster added that the actress consequently learned to believe in herself again. In the end, the recent developments have made their relationship better.

Despite all the assertions, though, no evidence has come to light, making the whole story questionable. In addition, Lively and Reynolds have yet to make statements to either confirm or deny the allegations.

It is true, however, that Blake Lively's most recent film, "The Rhythm Section," received negative reception. Insider previously reported that it was, indeed, a "major box-office flop" in 2020, adding that the movie is even "one of the worst of all time."

Reports revealed that the overall cost to make the material is about $50 million. With it making only $2.8 million over the first-weekend premiere, it was suggested that Paramount could lose over $30 to $40 million.

Apart from the losses, critics and audiences, also, gave the film poor ratings. Some reviewers even called it a "witless and soulless thriller."

Meanwhile, the recent allegations about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have surfaced following the "Deadpool" actor's hiatus announcement. He posted on social media that he would take a break from acting to not miss his time with his three daughters.

Reynolds made the post after wrapping up the filming of his movie, "Spirited." He opened up the subject, as well, in an interview with LinkedIn News earlier in December, saying that he and his wife were always away, "so the kids were away, too."

Elsewhere in the engagement, he shared that the break would, also, be a "perfect time" for him to focus on other projects and passions, according to Metro UK.