Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are over for good. The reality star will never reportedly get back together again with the father of her child following the latest scandal.

An insider recently spilled the latest development in the lives of the two celebrities to Life & Style. As claimed, the NBA star "can beg for forgiveness all he wants," but there is "zero chance" that they will be a couple, once more.

Kardashian is said to be feeling "like an idiot" for believing Thompson. He had a good thing with her, and "he threw it all away."

In the end, the source stated that the damage is now "irreparable."

There is little information, though, regarding Khloe Kardashian's true sentiments. She has never publicly spoken and will likely maintain her silence about the matter.

But, a different insider told Page Six that she is "taking the high road." While she did not respond to Tristan Thompson's public apology, she reportedly let him know in private that she appreciated the message.

The same informant, also, revealed that Kardashian still wants the professional basketball player to become a "big part of their daughter's life." She allegedly intends for her daughter to have a good relationship with her father, so she will not fight with him or block him from the family.

The latest assertions come after Tristan Thompson confirmed the result of the paternity test and apologized to Khloe Kardashian about the whole ordeal. On January 3, he unveiled that he is, indeed, the father of Maralee Nichol's son through a post on Instagram.

The NBA player stated that he takes "full responsibility" for his actions. He, also, shared that he looks forward to "amicably" raising his son with Nichols.

Following the confirmation, Thompson addressed Kardashian, as well, on the same platform, saying that she does not deserve the "heartache and humiliation." He added that, regardless of what she thinks about the situation, he has the "utmost respect and love" for her.

He ended the social media update with an apology, noting that he is "incredibly sorry."

The whole debacle seemingly began when reports of Tristan Thompson fathering a child emerged in December 2021. Maralee Nichols sued him for "pregnancy-related fees" and child support, while the athlete denied paternity.

A month later, though, Thompson confirmed the results, revealing that he is the father. As for Khloe Kardashian, sources continued to allege that she knew about the child even before it made headlines.