Dr. Steven Fallek believes that Jessica Chastain went under the knife to do some alterations to her looks. He recently shared his thoughts to Star magazine, which published the assertions for its January 31 issue.

The medical director of BeautyFix MedSpa stated that the "Interstellar" actress appeared to have had her nose done. He explained that it seems "slimmer" in comparison to her previous looks, although it is "better and still natural."

Fallek, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon, continued that Chastain, also, seemingly had other cosmetic procedures apart from a nose job. While he does not treat the actress, he believes that she had "jaw slimming," along with "Botox to elevate her brow," as well.

It is unclear, however, whether the 44-year-old celebrity did undergo plastic surgeries and other types of cosmetic procedures. She has yet to make an official comment regarding the latest comments about her looks.

Even so, Jessica Chastain once talked about the subject in a 2016 interview with Net-a-Porter's magazine, The Edit, according to People. She revealed that she was aware of the nose job speculations surrounding her.

The "Zero Dark Thirty" actress said that some people think she did it but countered that she "never had anything like that done" to herself. Nevertheless, she hinted that she is open to it, saying "who knows" and that she might get one when she reaches the age of 50 or 60.

Overall, though, Chastain pointed out that she has "no judgment" of anyone who has had cosmetic procedures.

Meanwhile, the recent talks about her possible surgical alterations come as her stint for "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" has received attention from the public. The same outlet noted that in playing the role of a disgraced televangelist, she had to wear prosthetics, bulking up her cheeks and jowls.

In other news, Jessica Chastain recently talked about her childhood struggles in an interview for The Times. She opened up about having the kind of upbringing most individuals would not assume about her, according to BuzzFeed.

She stated that she "struggled" as a child raised by a single mom, who gave birth to her as a teenager. She, also, revealed that their family faced financial hardships and even found it difficult to afford food.

Chastain admitted, as well, that she had a "rebellious streak" due to the resentment she had growing up. She, however, emphasized that the people who helped her along the way are the reason why has succeeded today.