Benedict Cumberbatch recently sat down for an interview with OK! magazine. It centered on one of his latest roles, Phil Burbank, for Netflix's "The Power of the Dog."

Alongside the actual Q&A of the engagement, the outlet, also, published some surprising details about the actor. This comes as little is known about his personal life, with some reports revealing that he is one of the few celebrities who are not on social media.

As stated, Cumberbatch went under a different name when he first began acting. He used "Benedict Carlton" in his early years before switching to using his real name.

Glamour UK covered what he said about the matter in 2015. It was reported that he made the revelation to film critics, saying that Carlton is his middle name and Cumberbatch "sounds like a fart in a bath."

The outlet continued that Benedict Cumberbatch has a "special connection" to one of his previous acting roles.

In 2014, he starred as computer scientist Alan Turing for the historical drama, "The Imitation Game," where he received an Oscar nod. Researchers, later on, learned that he was the 17th cousin of the influential British cryptographer.

Time magazine released a report, detailing the claims made by genealogists at the time. It was revealed that the two personalities share a common ancestor, John Beaufort, the first Earl of Somerset, who was born sometime around the early 14th century.

Another unpopular detail about Benedict Cumberbatch is his time in a Tibetan monastery during a gap year in his college days. He reportedly spent a year in India to teach English to Tibetan monks.

A 2015 interview with Entertainment Weekly confirms that he, indeed, flew to West Bengal in the eastern part of the country when he was 19 years old. He deemed the experience "a very unfair exchange" because they taught him a lot of things, "more than [he] could possibly begin to teach them, like "dreams and fathoms."

On top of it all, Benedict Cumberbatch is said to have had his "weirdest fan encounter" with actor Ted Danson. The "A Good Place" star was reportedly "starstruck" upon seeing the Marvel star to the point that he pushed past a floor of A-list celebrities and screamed "Sherlock Holmes."

Cumberbatch did, indeed, experience this as per his 2013 Reddit AMA engagement, according to The Wrap. He told the audience the story, saying that the celebrities who were there included Leonardo DiCaprio, Kirsten Dunst, and Ray Liotta, with Danson even knocking their drinks.