Kim Kardashian is, reportedly, driving Kanye West crazy as he can no longer control his ex-wife. This is the latest claim sources made to Us Weekly in its latest issue.

The "Donda" rapper is said to be "becoming unhinged" following the fallout between him and Kardashian. He has already, reportedly, sparked a lot of dramas, and is now "out of control."

With his recent "antics," insiders stated that these have become the reality star's "worst nightmare." She is "mortified," as well, that West went public with their issues behind closed doors.

In the end, she does not want the kids to see their parents at odds. She is, allegedly, praying that her former husband will "stop acting so irrational" for their children.

The allegations come after Kanye West had an altercation with a "fan" seeking an autograph. He, reportedly, punched the man in the face several times outside a club nearly two weeks ago.

Days later, the "Gold Digger" rapper admitted to what he did, putting the blame, however, on the man he punched, as well as Kim Kardashian. MailOnline reported that the artist explained his side of the story in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

West alleged that the individual provoked him, adding that he had been tailing the celebrity in recent days. He, also, claimed that the man was not a fan of his but someone who was trying to make money by selling his autographs.

Kanye West, then, shared that he was upset at the time because of Kim Kardashian, who now dates Pete Davidson. He mentioned her kissing the "SNL" player and rhetorically asked why blame him for "acting out."

Apart from pointing fingers at the supposed fan and his former wife, the "Praise God" singer, also, mentioned a "cousin who failed" to talk to Kardashian about him wanting to visit one of their kids at school. He, later on, emphasized that security would not get in between him and his children.

Kanye West may have admitted to the altercation that happened two weeks ago. However, this does not prove the claims that the sources made to outlets and tabloids.

He has not released any statement about the allegations toward him, saying he is "out of control." Likewise, Kim Kardashian has maintained her silence regarding the matter.

No one knows what has happened and is happening between the former couple. Accordingly, the recent assertions involving the two celebrities remain suppositional and unsubstantiated.