A future together is what Kanye West and Julia Fox are reportedly planning these days. This has seemingly caused Us Weekly to brand the couple "the real deal," adding that their romance is heating up.

Speaking to the outlet, sources revealed that there is "mutual respect" in the relationship. They have learned about each other's ambitions and bonded over them.

Fox and West are, also, said to be "falling hard for each other" as they move forward with their romantic tie. The latter allegedly loves that the former is a "feisty, independent spirit" and a person who "does not take s*** from anybody."

The insiders continued that Kanye West now sees Julia Fox as his "new muse." He can even make her the "next big fashion star," the way he believes he did with former partner Kim Kardashian.

As for the 32-year-old actress, she reportedly thinks that the "Donda" artist is a "genius with a heart of gold."

The latest assertions about the new pair come after they made their red carpet debut at Men's Fashion Week in Paris on Sunday. But, as to whether the claims are legitimate, no one can confirm as the two personalities have yet to make a comment.

Moreover, the informants failed to substantiate the story, placing doubts over the narrative. So, unless West and Fox speak about the true nature of their relationship, the claims will remain speculative and suppositional.

Nevertheless, Julia Fox gushed over a date night she had with Kanye West earlier this month. Page Six reported that the actress shared some of the details in a post for Interview Magazine.

The "Uncut Gems" star revealed that Ye's gesture shocked her, referencing the "entire hotel suite full of clothes" that Ye prepared for her at the Pendry Manhattan West. She added that the "Heartless" singer, also, directed a photoshoot for her at the restaurant where they dined that night.

Fox consequently described their first encounter as an "instant connection." She asserted, as well, that the rapper's energy was "so fun to be around."

Julia Fox and Kanye West first met at a New Year's Eve party, according to Complex. They have since become "inseparable" as they always go on dates and trips, with their outing in Paris as the recent one.

The publication, later on, recalled that the "Off The Grid" singer just got out of his marriage, which he tried to repair in December. However, his pleas reportedly fell on deaf ears as Kim Kardashian had already established romantic ties with Pete Davidson.