Prince Andrew blames everyone but himself and is now suffering from an emotional breakdown. Senior palace sources revealed the matter to Globe, saying that the royal can no longer handle the mess he has created.

It is alleged that the charges against the Duke of York have pushed him "over the edge as his legal defense collapses." Although he is guilty of breaking Queen Elizabeth II's heart, "being publicly disowned hit him like a sledgehammer."

The British Monarch's decision to cast her second son out of the royal circles has reportedly become the "most damning verdict" for the royal-born Prince.

With all these things at hand, the royal insiders believe that Prince Andrew is now an "emotional disaster." He is claimed to have had "weeping bouts of self-pity," as well as "out-of-control screaming rages."

In the end, many reportedly believe that the Duke of York may need to be "in a psych ward for his own protection."

The recent series of events involving the Queen's third child is, indeed, messy and convoluted. But, as to whether the royal-born Prince is suffering from breakdowns, this remains to be seen.

There are no statements from appropriate individuals to confirm the story. In addition, the said senior royal courtiers did not share any proof to substantiate the claims.

Accordingly, the latest narrative centering on the former working royal remains questionable. Unless he breaks his silence and speaks of it himself, the claims will be seen as mere speculation.

The allegations come after a New York judge rejected Prince Andrew's camp's request to dismiss the civil lawsuit Virginia Giuffre filed against him. With this decision, reports said that the suit may go forward to a trial later this year.

A day after the ruling, Buckingham Palace announced that the royal had lost his honorary military titles and royal patronages, saying that he had already returned them to Queen Elizabeth II. BBC reported that, with this, the Duke of York will no longer be called "His Royal Highness."

The Queen's son's military appointments and roles were all suspended after he officially retired from royal duties in 2019. He stepped back from his position as a senior working royal due to his affiliation with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew stated that his "former association" with the convicted sex offender had become a "major disruption" to the British Royal Family's work. He, however, emphasized that he was willing to help law enforcement investigations of Epstein, according to CNBC.