The dynamic has become a "race to the altar" between Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner. The former reportedly wants to "beat" Ben Affleck's ex down the aisle and tie the knot with the actor.

A source told Us Weekly for its February 14 issue that getting ahead of Garner and her boyfriend, John Miller, would likely provide Lopez a "sneaky sense of satisfaction." Even so, this is not the "driving force," adding that she and Affleck "really do want to get married."

The former engaged and now-reunited celebrity couple will, also, reportedly likely make things official some time this year. As stated, "it is just a matter of time" before they get engaged again and follow the lead of Miller and Garner.

The assertions come as insiders alleged that the CaliBurger CEO has plans to propose to the "Alias" alum before her 50th birthday this April. It is, also, said to be "perfect timing" for the actress as it would become a "fresh start" for her at 50.

But, it is unclear whether the claims are legitimate. No one can confirm whether Jennifer Garner and John Miller are already looking forward to engagement, as well as marriage.

Likewise, there is no evidence supporting the allegations about Jennifer Lopez, alongside Ben Affleck. Although the celebrity couple appear to be on great terms with respect to their rekindled romance, they seemingly keep things under the wraps and maintain their privacy.

Accordingly, the latest story about the four personalities remains speculative and suppositional unless otherwise stated.

While Lopez and Affleck do not entirely flaunt their relationship, the songstress recently spoke about the matter in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. The television show host asked her whether she had imagined reuniting with her former fiancé nearly two decades later.

Jennifer Lopez shared that she and the DCEU star were "surprised" about their rekindled romance, according to People. She noted, however, that it is a "beautiful thing" to have a second chance.

Meanwhile, reports have said that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are on amicable terms. They co-parent their three children, while in a relationship with their respective partners.

The two celebrities tied the knot in 2005, a year after the actor and the "On The Floor" singer called off their engagement. Affleck and Garner went on with their marriage, which lasted for a decade.

The "13 Going On 30" actress, later on, began her relationship with businessman John Miller in 2018. Although they separated amid the pandemic, the pair got back together nearly a year after.

As for Jennifer Lopez, she was about to get married to then-fiancé Alex Rodriguez. But, the relationship ended earlier in 2021, months before she and Affleck officially rekindled their romance.