Prince William and Prince Harry indirectly received a stern warning from Queen Elizabeth II more than 15 years ago. It was reportedly about "divorces," saying that "enough is enough" following the notable splits among the married royal couples.

Express UK said that the report first emerged in the Sunday Express in 2006. A palace source back then told the publication that the British Monarch opposes royal divorce "from a point of principle" because she is the head of the Church.

Although the Queen did not want to name names, she was allegedly "adamant" not to witness further royal divorces in the rest of her reign across the United Kingdom. At the time, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex were dating Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy, respectively.

The same royal insider, also, asserted that the "concept of divorce goes against" Queen Elizabeth II's entire upbringing. It is said to be largely about "duty" and "soldiering on in the face of adversity."

The British Monarch reportedly "inherited" these kinds of views from her mother, the Queen Mother, who was "scarred" by what happened with her brother-in-law. As the public would recall, King Edward VIII faced controversies with his relationship with Wallis Simpson and ended up abdicating, leading to King George VI's ascension to the British Throne.

Accordingly, it was "in no doubt" that when Prince William and Prince Harry marry, it should be "for keeps."

Apart from the views Queen Elizabeth II reportedly inherited from the Queen Mother, History said that the British Royal Family forbade divorces and marriage after divorce. As noted, the royals' "distaste" for divorce goes back to King Henry VIII.

The then-monarch severed ties to the Roman Catholic Church in 1534 following the pope's refusal to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. The break from Catholicism led to the British Monarch becoming the official head of the church in Britain.

Reigning monarchs have since pledged to "uphold the religious tenets" of the Church of England. This is why it became "nearly impossible to divorce" or marry a divorcee within the royal family.

But, over the years, divorce became more common among the public. After sparking a constitutional crisis, King Edward VIII abdicated instead, reportedly making divorce nearly a "way of life" among the Windsors.

Queen Elizabeth II already witnessed several divorces in her time as a British Monarch within the British Royal Family. Five royal married couples decided to end their respective marriages, which involved her three children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew, alongside their then-spouses, Princess Diana, Captain Mark Phillips, and Sarah Ferguson.