Fans are now looking forward to seeing "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 3 to witness how things will end for Eren, Mikasa and the gang in anime. As many complained about the manga's end, will the anime feature an alternate ending through a multiverse?

Featuring a multiverse is maybe possible in the series, considering it has explored complex ideas, like time travel. With that said, will "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 3 change the series' direction?

SportsKeeda noted the final part might feature four different timelines: the anime, the "Lost Girls," the manga and the original timeline. Each timeline is believed to be linked by Hallucigenia, the source of all living matter.

It connects alternate realities and Mikasa's grief may trigger this to exist. This idea was explored in the series' visual novel "Lost Girls."

Here, witnessing Eren's death results in Mikasa's intense grief that she sees a vision from another universe. The visual novel's animated version even proves that Mikasa has become the source of all living beings, creating an alternate reality through her grief.

These alternative universes can make characters experience visions of their own actions, though in different realities. This may explain Mikasa's constant headache. Will this happen in "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 3?

In the original timeline, Mikasa and Eren lived together. Before Eren took his final breath, he told Mikasa to move on, resulting in intense grief that she said, "See you later, Eren."

This created a new timeline seen in the manga, featuring the same words that Mikasa uttered. Here, Eren woke up and remembered Mikasa's words, proving he remembered her from another timeline.

So, when Eren asked Mikasa how she felt for him, she gave a different answer because of her memory of him in a different timeline. The Rumbling began and Mikasa needed to kill him.

The sadness created the anime timeline with Eren waking up and seeing visions of children's toys. There are theories that the toys belong to his child and may have a connection with his question to Historia about getting pregnant.

He may be her child's father and lift the curse of Ymir if Mikasa lets him go after feeling betrayed because of Eren's relationship with Historia, giving "Attack on Titan" Season 4 Part 3 a different ending.

The series' next and final chapter is set to be out in 2023, though no official release date has been revealed yet. Den of Geek predicted it might be out either in the winter or spring.