Fans are now eager to know what will happen next in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 362 after Suneater reportedly steps up massively. Though no spoilers have dropped yet, the next chapter may feature more of Tamaki Amajiki.

In fact, creator Kohei Horikoshi may even feature a flashback featuring Amajiki to show his Quirk and the limits of his abilities. So, will fans see this and more in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 362?

SportsKeeda predicted the other Big Three members, Mirio Togata and Nejire Hado, will be heavily featured in the next installment. These three are always seen together, so it may be impossible that the two will just watch Amajiki fight Shigaraki alone.

Katsuki Bakugo may also enter the scene, given that the Big Three are facing Shigaraki to buy him some time to recover. As he watches his seniors fight, fans will get an update about his physical condition after his big battle.

Lastly, fans may finally get an update about Deku's whereabouts in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 362. As the battle against Shigaraki gets pretty intense, will the protagonist finally enter the scene?

The fighters are now on their last resort and Deku is their only hope to match Shigaraki's power. Though he may not make his much-awaited appearance yet, the next chapter may give fans an idea of how far he is from the battlefield.

Meanwhile, "My Hero Academia" Chapter 361 saw Mirio making Shigaraki more furious after saying the latter had no friends, per OtakuKart News. He even compared himself to the villain, stressing he got real friends, like Mi Kun and Tomo Chan.

However, Mirio couldn't help but be scared of Shigaraki's words, causing him to unconsciously apologize to the villain.

He also realized that Shigaraki's body was harder to inflict damage on. But despite Shigaraki and All for One's fused bodies, the former seemed to find it hard to keep his mind intact, realizing that his body was actually affected.

Shigaraki continuously approached Bakugo, trying to get the best of him with the intent to kill him. However, Mirio and Nejire were both doing their best to buy him some time so that Amajiki could heal and prepare to use his secret weapon.

Nejire then had a flashback of their time together in the school, making her feel glad she was friends with them. The Suneater then evolved into a new being and prepared to go on another round against Shigaraki.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 362 will be out on Sunday, August 7.