Game developers from all over showed their support for noted developer Rockstar by releasing videos of their games while they are still in development. This comes after a massive leak revealed the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto 6" in it's unfinished form.

"GTA" developer Rockstar Games was recently on the receiving end of a hack that led to the unauthorized release of tons of footage showing the highly anticipated "GTA 6," which is still in development.

Some netizens tried to criticize Rockstar's work as a result of the leak, with one particular Twitter user saying "what you see is almost exactly what you will get," then ending the tweet with a negative comment about how the game looks.

This same Twitter user claimed that game developers usually work on visuals first, then work on other things afterward. It is for this reason, the netizen indicated, that the gaming public should very much expect to receive a game that looks as unfinished as the leak shows.

Interestingly, this Twitter user's claim was countered by none other than "Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart 3D" character artist Xavier Coelho-Kostolny, who according to Eurogamer, called it "the greatest extremely-confident-but-has-no-idea-what-they're-talking-about take I've ever seen."

Major support from game devs

Other game developers started to show their support for Rockstar by sharing videos showing how their games looked like when they were still in the development stages.

Paul Ehreth, lead designer for "Control," shared a video of the game when it was still in early production. Once could see the main character walking around bare scenes, flinging boxes labeled "throw me" around, and fighting enemies that appear to be nothing but dark-colored silhouettes of people.

Kurt Margenau, co-lead designer for "Uncharted 4," shared footage from the game's famous jeep chase scene in three different stages: blockmesh, art blockmesh, then the final art. The designer indicated that "there are a million stages between" each.

Sam Barlow, director of "Immortality," shared images of the game comparing the time when they were still "focused on getting the A.I. and gameplay balanced" and when the game was shipped. In the former, the game looked like plain blocks and shapes of white against a gradient background.

Famous game developer Naughty Dog also shared a short video showing how the popular "The Last Of Us" looked like during the development stage: Joel running in a world of plain blocks and colors.

Rockstar itself acknowledged that the leak was true, but in no way will it ever negatively affect the game's development. If anything, fans can expect that the game will be so much better than how the leak showed it.