"Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271 will finally answer fans' questions about time leaping and more. Though it may still take a long while before Shinichiro returns to the original timeline, the series will soon reveal how he learned to time leap.

The previous chapter revealed the reason behind Shinichiro's eagerness to save Mikey. A third time leaper was also unveiled, though his identity remains a mystery. By the looks of it, "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271 has a lot of problems to solve.

SportsKeeda noted that the new chapter would mostly focus on Shinichiro's encounter with the original time leaper in the original timeline. He heard from a local gang that there's a homeless man who claims to be a time leaper, who he thinks can save Manjiro from his not-so-good fate.

Though fans are confident that Shinichiro will succeed in saving Manjiro, they want to know who this third time leaper is. There are theories that it can be Hanma, who is believed to be responsible for everything that has happened to the series.

With his "baffling behavior," he has always been the source of controversy in the community. If Hanma taught Shinichiro to time travel, the mysteries surrounding the young delinquent would surely be resolved.

This may explain why he and Kisaki are both aware of time leapers before others. Whoever the time leaper is, fans are confident that he will make an appearance and be introduced in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271.

Meanwhile, "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 270 saw Baji fail in school, while Shinichiro sweetly talked to him, per Recent Highlights. They discussed the release of Haruchiyo.

Baji didn't want to meet a violent guy like him, but Shinichiro tagged him along, and the latter did it for Mikey. Haruchiyo felt torn after seeing Mikey's condition at the hospital.

Baji then told him Shinichiro had it hard, too. Their parents and grandpa died, and his sister ran away.

Mikey's death also meant he was left with no one. Shinichiro started to question his life and mourn.

He then got an invite to join Wakasa's group. The two went to a bar, and from there, Shinichiro learned about the mysterious time leaper.

He overheard people talking about a time leaper and asked them about it. As he wasn't met with warm regards, Shinichiro started a fight and beat the life out of them.

For the last time, he asked them about the time leaper, and the answer would be revealed in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271. The new chapter will be out on Wednesday, October 5.