The upcoming "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105 may mostly focus on Asa after Denji reveals himself as the Chainsaw Man in the previous chapter. Will Asa and Denji develop a romance in the series?

War Devil Yoru may discuss Asa and Denji's meeting with her human, possibly igniting a rematch. Denji's revelation may lead to Mitaka being open and starting to associate herself with him in "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105. This will also help advance Yoru's plan and give them a chance to sneak up on him.

SportsKeeda noted that Yoru might ask Asa to date Denji to beat the Chainsaw Man himself and turn him into her own weapon. However, this may not be seen in one chapter alone.

Instead, what may happen is Yoru will talk to Asa, while the latter may return to the roof and chat with Denji and Hirofumi. The three may even be admitted into the Devil Hunter Club, along with Yuko, for having "killed" the Bat Devil.

Chainsaw Man has killed the Cockroach Devil. So, Yoshida, Asa, Yuko, and Denji may get the credit for killing the Bat Devil which will be their ticket to enter the club in "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105.

Meanwhile, "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 104 saw Yoru frustrated after being saved by Chainsaw Man, per EpicDope. Asa asked Yoru the reason behind her hate, to which she said they fought a long ago with some other devils.

Chainsaw Man was resurrected several times, defeating and eating a part of her. After their battle, the wars began to decrease.

This would make people forget about her, and she didn't want it to happen. Yoru fell asleep, making Asa feel relieved.

A girl was then seen sitting on Denji's back while a boy told him someone was calling him outside. Denji saw Hirofumi waiting for him.

Hirofumi asked why a girl was on Denji's back, and the latter revealed they paid him 10 yen for doing it. He then gave Denji his school ID that he forgot at the place he fought Cockroach Devil.

He told Denji he would never let him reveal his secret. Hirofumi offered Denji to be his chair and agreed when he saw the money.

Denji told him he would reveal his real personality no matter what, and Hirofumi knew he wanted to do it to get a girlfriend. So, he let him meet Asa, and the three of them ate together on the roof.

Would something brew between Asa and Denji? Find out as the manga continues and "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105 drops on Tuesday, September 27.