"Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271, titled "An Empty Desire," spoilers have dropped and it hints at the meeting between Shinichiro and the third time-leaper. As this guy holds the key to saving Manjiro from his tragic fate, the Black Dragon First Generation President wants to meet him badly.

The third time-leaper is described to be a homeless man. Though meeting seems quite impossible, Shinichiro will do everything, and it looks like he will succeed in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271.

Warning: The following content contains several spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The third time-leaper's identity remains to be a big mystery. There are theories Hanman is behind all that is happening, but some claim this mysterious character may be the one responsible for it.

Thanks to his bizarre behavior, he can't help being surrounded by several controversies in the community. However, if Hanma had only taught Shinichiro how to travel in time, he may have solved a lot of mysteries.

His and Kisaki's knowledge about the time-leapers can perfectly explain how they manage to predict several events before they happen. So, will fans meet the third time-leaper in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271?

Meanwhile, the new chapter's spoilers see Shinichiro and Sanzu surprise to the third time-leaper. They finally know his identity; he has long and messy hair, though his face is hidden.

The leaks also reveal that for someone to be a time-leaper, they must have the impulse to go back in time. It's something like how Takemichi saved Hina's life and when Shini wanted to save his sister.

That said, Haruchiyo may serve as Shinichiro's trigger for time travel. It's the only reason Shinichiro is eager to meet the third time-leaper in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271.

He may go to the same dark impulses that Mikey has before. Elsewhere, the spoilers also hint at revealing someone who's playing with a toy plan, and it's not Mikey.

It will even be different from Mikey's concord. For starters, the first time fans learned of Mikey's toy plane was in the earlier part of the manga when he entered into his dark impulse.

Mikey and Senju were still kids at the time. So, the identity of the boy playing with the toy plane in the present time remains unknown.

In addition, Shinichiro and Sanzu's talk to the third time-leaper will leave them speechless. Though the reason is unknown, it's believed that the time traveler knows something about their private lives.

"Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 271 will drop on Tuesday, October 4.