"One Piece" fans have always been at war against each other as they want their favorite characters to be the best in the series. However, at the end of "One Piece" Episode 1035, it looks like creator Eiichiro Oda's words about diminishing Sanji's fame and coolness are effective until today.

Two years ago, Sanji's voice actor revealed at Crunchyroll Expo 2020 that Oda said the Straw Hat Pirates' cook would "never be as cool again." Since then, the voice actor has been complaining about his character as the mangaka is not highlighting Sanji anymore in "One Piece."

In fact, it continues until today. In the recent episode of series' anime adaptation, viewers saw the Queen strangling Chopper. The android pirate boasted how people with Armored Haki couldn't escape his grip.

But despite that, Chopper managed to break loose of his hold even though he was already gravely injured. Oda has been known for "helping and giving directions" about the anime's plot.

This just means that he was also behind Chopper's scene in "One Piece" Episode 1035. With that said, it looks like he intentionally makes Chopper look stronger than Sanji.

Why? Later in the series, Sanji faced Queen, and during their fight, the former had a hard time getting out of the latter's hold, gripping him on his neck and body.

Does this mean Oda is still holding on to his words against Sanji? His anti seems to continuously remind his fandom that the creator himself doesn't favor this favorite character.

By the looks of it, Oda is highlighting other characters than Sanji, just like it did with Chopper when he went against Queen.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" is now the talk of the town after Ukraine's Ministry of Defense seems to quote the series in its latest war address. The country has been using social media to give updates during the conflict.

A recent post revealed its victories and Russian occupiers' losses. It couldn't be denied that the country's winnings were astounding, and to celebrate this victory, it quoted Luffy with Oda's help.

"Power isn't determined by your size," the quote read. "But the size of your heart and dreams!"

This quote appeared in "One Piece" at the point when the heroes needed hope. Luffy said these words to motivate his allies and show them that they had to take some risks to create a better future.

This was particularly seen when "One Piece Stampede" made landfall. Though Luffy didn't exactly say it, Zoro mentioned something close to it during a fight years ago.