Suzy announced the coming of her new digital single on Monday, October 3. After the release of her latest song, "Satellite," South Korea's sweetheart will treat fans once more with a new track later this week.

Suzy surprised everyone with her unexpected announcement. Her new song will be titled "Cape," for which she personally co-wrote the music and lyrics.

"Cape" is described as a "dreamy song with a folk sound and a lyrical melody." Compared to the previous tunes she has released, this one is said to have a "different vibe."

The song will be the former Miss A's first new release after seven months. Her previous digital single, "Satellite," dropped in February.

"Cape" will also mark the second time she collaborates with the singer, songwriter, and producer Kang Hyun Min after "Satellite." Kang is the former leader of the groups Loveholic and Weather Forecast.

Suzy has unveiled the album's cover art to excite the fans more, featuring a retro vibe while she's looking at something afar. "Cape" is set to be out on Thursday, October 6, at 6 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, back in February, the "Start-Up" star released the digital single "Satellite" along with a music video featuring the dance performance of the "Street Woman Fighter" Monika. Just like "Cape," she also participated in writing the lyrics for the song.

"Satellite" highlighted the sound and expressed the constant feeling of staying close to someone while longing for something that couldn't be easily reached.

In an interview with Marie Claire, which cover Suzy graced for its April issue, she said the song was "a process of finding out" what she liked. She added that she wanted to catch the "atmosphere" instead of just delivering the intentions or messages.

She based it on the characteristics of the satellite, which was something that was wandering around but couldn't be reached. Alternatively, she also talked about the song's music video with the incredible performance of Monika.

Suzy admitted that she liked "Street Woman Fighter," and she found Monika as the show's muse after seeing her dance. She knew it was hard work to fill an entire song with spontaneous dance moves, but Monika had perfectly nailed it with her grace.

Though she found it hard to choose which clips to include in the music video, she said it was the best way to express the song. So, fans have another new piece to look forward to from Suzy with "Cape."