Asta is about to face his final battle against Lucius, but the series' creator Yuki Tabata goes on a sudden hiatus. As everyone looks forward to seeing "Black Clover" Chapter 344, the manga will be on a break for two weeks.

Fans have been more into Asta's journey to fight the eldest Zogratis sibling. He's now training to face his biggest battle yet, but fans have to wait a little longer before "Black Clover" Chapter 344 comes.

The manga's final arc has officially kicked off, and the series itself is already preparing for its major finale. Each new chapter coming is preparing fans and even Asta for his big battle against Lucius.

However, Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine recently announced that the series would be taking a two-week hiatus after Tabata suddenly fell ill. There are no words about the nature of his sickness, but it doesn't look like a major health issue as he only takes a short break.

A tweet by Nitebaron revealed "Black Clover" Chapter 344 would be instead out in the magazine's 52nd issue, dropping on Monday, November 28. The editorial department also issues an apology to everyone who has been looking forward to seeing the new chapter and is asking for fans' continued support.

This isn't the first time that the series has taken a hiatus this year. It also went on a three-month break in April to give Tabata the time he needed to plan the manga's final arc.

So in its upcoming return, fans hope new chapters will continue releasing every week, with little to no break without Tabata sacrificing much, especially his health. The manga continuously develops the series' final arc.

In fact, "Black Clover" Chapter 344 will see Asta continuing his preparations for a new fight, as seen in the previous chapter's major cliffhanger. That said, waiting for a new chapter, let alone a two-week hiatus, becomes tough.

Asta is now learning a new technique he can use in his fight against Lucius. So, will this be enough for him to bring down the major villain?

Lucius, alternatively, is now gathering an army of powerful new Paladins as his own preparation for his fight against Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls. Also, details about Yami's mysterious past and history are coming to light.

By the looks of it, a lot of threads will continue to develop as they all prepare for the final war. So, everyone is now looking forward to "Black Clover" Chapter 344's release.