The long wait will soon be over as "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 88 will finally be out next month. The news comes from the November 2022 issue of V Jump magazine, as tweeted by the reliable "Dragon Bal" news page @DbsHype.

Aside from the release date, the update also reveals the new arc "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 88 is about to begin and the two beloved characters who will be the next focus of the series. Surely, this will be a new adventure that fans have been waiting to see.

The new chapter will drop on December 20, sticking to its release schedule of every 20th of the month. It will be a prequel to the recently released movie "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero," which was a global success.

Hence, it will cover the events before the big fight against Red Ribbon Army, Gamma 1 and 2, and Cell Max. In the accompanying poster, the new arc will focus on Goku's son, Goten, and Vegeta's ward, Trunks, who have been both away from the spotlight as of late.

They are rarely seen in the series, making fans wonder where they have been. "The new arc finally begins. Could those two be superheroes?" the text in the poster reads.

The two don new outfits, different from what they wore before. Does this mean something is about to change in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 88?

In addition, the new arc will also feature Gohan and Piccolo, as they're also part of the poster, placed beside Goku. In the previous chapter, on the other hand, a new form of tyrant Frieza, called Black Frieza, was revealed, and its connection to the new arc might soon be known.

Meanwhile, there are also theories that the new chapter will take place after the events of the Granolah arc, as both Goten and Trunks are already grown-ups. This also confirms two things about "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero."

The first one is that the movie takes place after the Granolah arc, while the second is it's indeed canon. However, it's now up to the series to connect these things, especially Gohan and Piccolo's new powerful transformations.

Hence, fans will finally understand the vague events that happened in the movie in the manga, and the explanation may begin in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 88. There may be a lot of catching up to do before everything is finally settled.