News about Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde's breakup has been rampant nowadays, but the two are reportedly only on a break. The couple is not yet ready to officially call it quits and is only putting their romance on pause.

Their romantic break has reportedly something to do with Styles' busy schedule. The former One Direction member is currently busy touring the world for his "Harry Styles Love on Tour 2022."

The pair was about to celebrate their second anniversary next month when news about their split broke. Allegedly, they had decided to call it quits, but HollywoodLife claimed they weren't ready to end things officially.

A source told the publication that the 28-year-old singer will never say they have broken up, but they are just "taking a break" and "putting their relationship on pause." Though no one knows if they will ever continue their relationship after his tour, the pop star remains open to the possibilities, saying he has no idea "what the future holds."

News about their separation broke on November 18. Three days before that happened, Wilde and her kids, Otis and Daisy, were spotted dancing at his Los Angeles, California, tour at the L.A. Forum.

Rumors have it that their decision to split was made before that show, with one source explaining it was only usual for the actress to bring her kids to see her boyfriend perform. Otis and Daisy are said to have adored the "As It Was" hitmaker, and the latter even wanted them at the event.

So another source claimed that when the "Don't Worry Darling" director brought her kids to the concert, she and Styles had already discussed their relationship plans. The insider alleged they had talked about it for quite some time, though they would never say it was over.

Though on a break, nothing will change about their romance, as the kids still love Styles, while he loves them, too. A different tipster also told People that the break has been difficult for Wilde.

Though they have had some issues in their romance, Jason Sudeikis' ex is confident they can work things out. "She is disappointed. It's just a tricky situation, though," the source claimed.

Alternatively, an alleged friend said Wilde and Styles currently have different priorities that set them apart. The "Eternals" actor is preparing to begin his world tour, while his girlfriend has work obligations in Los Angeles and London.

Her kids are also her main priority, and they're too young for Wilde to leave to go on a world tour with Styles. Hence, as they feel like their lives are "drawing them apart," they have decided to do what's best for their careers and lives.