BTS's Jin's enlistment now has a date. If the reports are true, the group's oldest member will begin his mandatory military service on December 13.

Several reports from reputable sources, like Yonhap and KBS, claimed Jin would be enlisting on the said date. However, BTS's agency, HYBE, is yet to confirm the news.

In a statement, via Koreaboo, the company said that it's hard to confirm the reports at the moment, so it asked for fans' understanding.

However, based on the said publications' report, the idol will undergo 'Bootcamp" in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi province, for five weeks before he is deployed to the frontline units, where he will serve the rest of his military service.

Jin himself even seemed to confirm the claim when he answered a fan's question on the fan community WeVerse on November 13, per When asked if he was excited about his brother's birthday next month, he simply said no and added that he was at the forefront.

KBS reported that the songwriter, who will turn 30 on December 4, received a recommendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to postpone his enlistment following the 2020 revised Military Service Act. His enlistment was delayed until the end of this year, but he submitted a request to cancel the postponement.

For starters, in October, HYBE broke the news that BTS would be enlisting in the military in a publicly disclosed statement to stock investors. After Jin, the other members, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, will follow suit, according to their individual plans.

Meanwhile, Jin talked about the delay of his enlistment in a live broadcast on WeVerse on October 28. At the time, he discussed his new solo single, "The Astronaut," which was released on the said date.

He revealed that a few days after his return from Argentina to perform with Coldplay, with whom he co-wrote his new song, he said he would write documents for his upcoming military enlistment. He then revealed that he originally planned to enlist in June, but he waited until October to join BTS's Busan concert for the sake of the group's fans.

"I didn't want a tearful performance, so my [enlistment] announcement was delayed," he said. After their promotions for "Permission to Dance" and "Butter," the group decided to at least hold another concert for fans before enlisting. So, after the Grammys, Jin started his enlistment preparations.