Song Joong Ki's new JTBC drama "Reborn Rich" is now the talk of the town both negatively and positively. Despite the praise Song Hye Kyo's former husband receives, some question his looks in the series, saying he's seemingly using excessive face filters to look young.

Song Joong Ki plays two roles in "Reborn Rich." The first one is Yoon Hyun Woo, a loyal servant of the chaebol family who died after being wrongfully accused of embezzlement, and the second is Jin Do Joon, the youngest son of the said family after being reincarnated.

Kim Kang Hoon, who also received praise for his perfect portrayal of the young Song Joong Ki, plays the teenage version of Jin Do Joon. After him, the "Descendants of the Sun" star takes the role of the said character in his early 20s.

The K-drama actor is now 37 years old, and many seem to notice that he uses face filters in the third episode to fit in his role, and it's "a bit excessive." Some even say it breaks their "immersion in the drama," as he allegedly looks quite disturbing.

However, some come to the "Arthdal Chronicles" star's rescue, with one saying that the filter is just for a flashback scene.

This isn't the first time Song Joong Ki has been accused of using excessive face filters. Some claimed he also used face filters in his last tvN drama, "Vincenzo."

Meanwhile, despite the negative news, Song Joong Ki receives heaps of praise for showing his leadership and kindness on the set of "Reborn Rich" abroad.

 JTBC dropped a behind-the-scenes video for the series to give fans a glimpse of their first overseas filming in Turkey. It started with the Korean heartthrob greeting the foreign actors who would be shooting their scenes with him that day.

After they filmed the chasing scene, they all gathered in front of the camera screen to check their performances. Song Joong Ki then made some suggestions to make the sequence more realistic.

After they did what he told them, the director and the other staff members couldn't help but give their leading star a round of applause and compliments for his brilliant idea. He also gave everyone words of encouragement and even smiled and hugged them when the filming ended, maintaining a friendly atmosphere on the set.

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