Fans have been looking forward to seeing "One Piece" Episode 1042, titled "The Predator's Trap- Black Maria's Temptation," to see Yamato's Devil Fruit Hybrid form for the first time in an anime form. Not only that, but the next episode may also feature the battle between Yamato and her father, Kaido.

Fans have long awaited seeing the anime debut of Yamato's Devil Fruit Hybrid form. Now that it's about to come in "One Piece" Episode 1042, she will be ready to face her father.

The new episode preview hints at Yamato's Hybrid form's appearance. After her transformation, the scene will transition into her fight with Kaido.

However, it's yet to be determined how long this battle will take. Fans will also see the continuation of the fight between Nico Robin and Black Maria.

From there, "One Piece" Episode 1042 may feature a flashback of Robin's focus on her relationship with Jaguar D. Saul. But fans may have already seen this series of recollections, though Toei Animation may add some anime-original scenes.

In addition, the new episode may update the general battlefield's status. Otama's group has been changing the numbers by the minute, so knowing the exact figures of each other is important in the Onigashima Raid's progress. With Luffy's absence, the Kozuki clan sympathizers must get the upper hand in this fight before the former's return.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" Episode 1041 saw Yamato and Kaido's intense fight on the roof. Yamato wanted to protect Wano, while Kaido offered her to become the place's shogun.

Yamato refused, and Kaido overpowered her. She then transformed into her human-beast form.

Sanji and Queen's fight continued on the performance floor, with the latter getting the upper hand. Zoro told Chopper and Miyagi to infuse the drug into his body.

Miyagi did so while being warned of its side effects. Some of Sasaki's allies sided with Franky after hearing Otama's request.

They even asked Franky to go to Sasaki directly. A battle between the two ensued, with Sasaki transforming into his human-beast form.

Back to Yamato and Kaido, the former told her father if she didn't save Wano's people, she couldn't be like Oden. Sasaki then flew and started an aerial attack.

Franky put his General Shiel on. Sasaki readied for another attack but was suddenly pulled back, spinning his frills in the wrong direction.

Sasaki charged at Franky and broke the latter's shield, but Franky grabbed and slammed him down with his suplex. The scene then shifted to the Heart Pirates, trying to wake Luffy until he opened his eyes and asked for meat.

What happens from here can be seen when "One Piece" Episode 1042 drops on Saturday, November 26.